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UTV Wraps

UTV Wraps is our avenue of creativity. It allows us to create designs from scratch, and make them come to fruition. We’re not just a wrap shop filled with vinyl heads, we’re UTV enthusiasts, just like you! When we’re not at the shop, you might catch us out on the trips with our crew.

We know what it’s like to take pride in your side-by-side. Take your ride to a new level by adding a wrap that matches the value of your ride and adds your own personal touch.

We use premium films and laminates on all of our installations. There are several choices between films and finishes allowing us to help make your design a reality, and ensure that your vehicle will be one of a kind.

Color Change Wraps

Less than the cost of most paint jobs, Color change wraps offer a wider variety of color and finish options ranging from standard gloss colors, specialty metallics, satin finishes, matte finishes and even some textures.

Overall, a color change wrap is more affordable, and better option for your car rather than taking it apart and painting it.

An added benefit of color change wraps is they are removable, and you can always change your color choice, or revert back to your original color & style years later with no hassle. If you lease your car, this is a fantastic option.

To protect your investment, we also offer paint protection films. These are designed to protect your vehicle and your new wrap from road chips and other debris as you drive. Ask our knowledgeable team or head to our partner shop’s website for more information on PPF.

Custom Installation

For some of us, a solid color just isn’t enough and we have a need to add more detail and personality to our vehicles. Our team is the same way with our own projects. We love the idea of doing something different that stands out, and we also know when subtlety is necessary.

When it comes to designs and custom installations, we are able to tap into our creativity, and we love working alongside our customers to experience their creativity as well. Whether it’s custom cut decals or specialty bumper-to-bumper stripes, we can make it happen.

With today’s vinyl options of color, textures and finishes… giving your vehicle a whole new look or just something that helps it stand out is easier than you may think. Having the right shop to execute your ideas is the hard part. Look no further, you have found Cactus Wraps!

Chrome Delete

Sometimes Chrome is not the right look for your vehicle. Most grilles, window trim, door handles, and other vehicle accent pieces are able to be wrapped to give a cleaner aesthetic and covers any chrome finish that has turned ugly.

Satin black and gloss black are the most common options for chrome delete because it matches most common rubber gaskets or plastic trimming around those same areas. However, any wrap film cover can be used as chrome delete. For instance, if you have a white or silver car, you can easily use white or silver for your chrome delete- accomplishing the same function with a different style.

You can also do a secondary color for even more aesthetic options, creating a theme for your vehicle. Come see us to explore the right options and ideas for your vehicle.



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